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From Catholic Fiction:

Who we are: is a project of Tuscany Press, a dedicated publisher of Catholic Fiction and sponsor of the Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction.  The site is independent editorially and manned on a volunteer basis. Novelist and short story writer Arthur Powers and journalist Joseph O’Brien are the new Co-editors of We have a wonderful and growing list of volunteer reviewers, some of whom are professional writers, struggling writers, academics, editors, bloggers or would be writers but all of whom love Catholic Fiction books.

Please consider joining us as a volunteer Reviewer.

Our Mission:

To engage the Catholic community in a Catholic literary revival.

The site’s purpose is to promote Contemporary Catholic Fiction and their authors, celebrate the rich heritage of Catholic Fiction and gifted storytelling we have historically enjoyed in the Catholic community, and to pass on our humble knowledge of Classic Catholic Fiction.

The 21st century, we believe, is bursting with opportunities and ripe for a new Catholic literary revival.

Our Work:

On, we post Catholic Fiction Book Reviews on Sundays and Wednesdays.   We look at Catholic fiction in every genre, both contemporary and classic, literary and popular. We occasionally review (from a Catholic’s point of view) novels which can in no way be considered Catholic, yet which deal with themes of interest to Catholics. In addition, we want to encourage writers of Catholic fiction to write, write well and get published.  We review books on the craft of writing, and related books that we believe are good resources for writers of Catholic fiction.

The Book reviews are organized by Contemporary or Classic category, and title, author and genre index to make finding reviews as easy as possible.


Us folks at the Culture of Life Review fully support this noble effort.  So head over to Catholic Fiction, subscribe to the terrific free e-newsletter, and if you really want to support the 21st Century Catholic Fiction Revival visit the crowd sourcing site.



More on Tuscany Press:

Who We Are

Tuscany Press was founded in June 2012 as the first press dedicated to outstanding Catholic fiction and its authors and readers.

Our Mission and Purpose

To spark the 21st-century Catholic fiction revival.

We want to engage the culture and bring the Catholic perspective to the hearts of everyone with stories of faith and doubt; sin, forgiveness, and redemption; mystery and adventure; and love and God’s grace.
For too long — not since J. R. R. Tolkien, Graham Greene, Walker Percy and Flannery O'Connor — the Catholic imagination has been missing in fiction.

Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction

The Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction rewards the best undiscovered and unpublished Catholic novel, the most outstanding young-adult Catholic novel, and a selection of short stories with a Catholic theme.

We need your help to compete in a global market to attract writers, discover their talent, and bring their works of fiction to you. 
Please make your contribution to fund the Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction and help spark the revival!

Our goal is to raise the following prize monies:

  • Novel:  $10,000 
  • Young Adult Novel:  $5,000
  • Short Story, 1st Place:  $2,500
        Total: $17,500

All the money raised —100 percent — will be awarded to the winners in honor of their artistic achievements. Help us find the outstanding undiscovered works of Catholic fiction and their talented authors.

Stretch Goal

If we surpass our original goal of $17,500 (thanks to all of you), we plan to fund the Tuscany Prize at the next level. That is,

  • Novel:  $15,000
  • Young Adult Novel:  $10,000
  • Short Story, 1st Place:  $5,000

         Total: $30,000

We are hoping and praying that, with the support of your contribution, we will achieve this stretch goal.

Your Impact

With your help, we can ignite the revival of Catholic fiction in the 21st century, and be able to compete in a global marketplace.
There are more than 75 million Catholics in the United States and a billion worldwide. There are outstanding writers out there, and they have outstanding stories to tell.
Your support will enable us to:
•  attract writers
•  discover outstanding stories of Catholic fiction
•  bring these stories with a Catholic perspective to you, your family, and your friends.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please consider sharing our mission to spark the 21st century Catholic fiction revival with your family and friends on social media.
It’s as easy as liking our Facebook page or tweeting about it. A little can go a really long way. You can make an impact!
A spark can ignite a flame, which can lead to a passion, which can create a movement.
Simply click on the Facebook and Twitter buttons.

Thank you

We thank you deeply for all you have done or will do to spark the revival of Catholic fiction in the 21st century.
Peter Mongeau, founder and publisher, and all the staff of Tuscany Press

Contact Information

If you have any questions, ideas or stories, please contact Peter Mongeau, Publisher of Tuscany Press at: 

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