Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rightly Wired an Inspired New Site

We stumbled across a terrific new site today, Rightly Wired, and spent over an hour clicking some of the clever and inspired commentary at this site. Rightly Wired bills itself as Conservative Commentary for the Millennial Generation.  The writing is bright, incisive and importantly humorous when it needs to be.

For instance, we really enjoyed Katie Coyne and her 5 Reasons We're Still Not Buying ObamaCare

According to President Obama, it’s unfair to charge people different prices. If you go to a doctor once a year for a checkup because you eat healthy, exercise and make responsible choices, you should be charged the same (or more) than a 60 year-old who chose to smoke her entire life, eat McDonald’s every day and has cancer and diabetes.The Affordable Care Act fell incredibly short of its stated goals of affordability and fairness. Listed below are the top 5 reasons millennials aren’t buying healthcare, according to anyone with common sense.

1. We can do math...

Be sure to check out the rest of her piece at 5 Reasons We're Still Not Buying ObamaCare .
Coyne is just one example of what seems to be a bevy of intelligent and spirited conservative voices at Rightly Wired.  On the whole, Right Wired appears to be liberty loving and culturally conservative but not ready to dance with the GOP's war machine.  We will definitely be keeping an eye on this thoughtful and emerging voice for life and liberty.

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