Thursday, January 30, 2014

Black Journalist Lucky Rosenbloom Speculates on Content of Margaret Sanger KKK Speech #blackhistorymonth

From the Margaret Sanger Blog:

“What do you suppose Margaret Sanger was talking about that made her so appealing to the KKK? I believe she was talking about killing 14 million Black babies. I suppose she was telling them of a way to kill four thousand “Ns” in four weeks using eugenics and abortions outdoing the number of “Ns” they lynched in 86 years…

Planned KillerHood was targeted by Civil Rights Movement activists in the 1960s and ‘70s for its involvement in a ”Black genocide.” Since 1973, legalized abortion has been specifically aimed at the African American population and has killed more Black people than cancer, diabetes, heart disease and gang violence combined…

This is a sad day for Black America. We are killing ourselves using the most racist, legalized tools today: abortions.” ~ Black Journalist Lucky Rosenbloom

Saynsumthn’s Blog has more great quotes from black leaders concerning abortion at:

Abortion and Black Genocide – African American Leaders Speak Out !

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