Monday, December 9, 2013

How to Change Hearts & Minds? Discover Zac Ryan

 Our friends at The Margaret Sanger Blog highlight a very important upcoming film:

We have been saying for some time here that there needs to be a sustained effort to change our culture through prolife films, books, music and other artistic efforts. 

I am glad to see this guy, Richard Clark Jr., has the same idea:

Introducing Producer Richard Clark Jr. 
Hello! My name is Richard Clark, Jr., and I am a Producer on Discover Zac Ryan. This is my fist message to you. Thank you in advance for giving me a few seconds of your time.
Our passion is not focused on changing the laws when it comes to abortion. Changing the laws is important, but at the end of the day people will still do what they feel they need to do; they will just do it illegally.  Simply put, our passion is focused on changing HEARTS when it comes to abortion. Laws can provide temporary roadblocks, but when we are facing the greatest moral failure of our existence we need much more than roadblocks- we need paradigm shifts. This is why I joined the Discover Matt Ryan team.What Corey has pitched to us is much more than a film; it’s a vehicle that will allow us to reach hearts. It is a game changer. I will not hide the reason I am emailing you today. I am writing to ask for you to join our team by making a donation to our film.  You can do so by clicking this link OR by emailing Corey to let him know you are sending a check. Give Here
Corey is not standing on the sidelines with his project. He is on the front line of this war and please do not mistake; this is in fact a war. Maybe the greatest we have ever witnessed. Take out political jargon, right v left, etc… Say to yourself, “Since Roe v Wade there have been more than55 MILLION babies KILLED.” That is 55,000,000 lives. Hearing these words made me join the battle. They made me join the Discover Zac Ryan team. What will they do for you? The sidelines are a very nice and peaceful place to live. Living there will assure us that forty years from now we will be saying, “Since Roe v Wade there have been more than 110 MILLION babies KILLED.” That is 110,000,000 lives.”

Will you PLEASE join this fight with us? 
Update from Facebook page yesterday:

Everyone from the Discover Zac Ryan team wants to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!! We are very, very thankful for all the support given from so many. We are grateful for the opportunity to share such a powerful story/film. With that, I am ex...cited to share we are looking at a February 2014 limited theatrical release date! If you would like to be part of our church captain's (spread-the-word) team, please send a FB message! Thanks again!


More info here:  Discover Zac Ryan



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