Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shocking Award-Winning Documentary "180" Changes Minds About Abortion

From the "180" Movie website,  an amazing story demonstrating the power films have to educate and change minds.  If we want to change laws so that all innocent human life is protected, we need to first create a Culture of Life in our society.  "180" is doing just that!  Read the "Pro-life Plant" below and then view the shocking, life altering video "180."

Pro-life Plant

Ray Comfort

I was doing a radio interview recently with a host who said that he loved “180.” This was because the 33-minute movie was able to do what he had been trying to do for about 20 years—change people’s minds about the issue of abortion. 
Then he told me a very interesting story. He ran a pro-life ministry, and found out that one of his workers was actually a “plant” from the pro-abortion industry.  But rather than fire her, he gave her the job of reviewing and categorizing pro-life movies. The hope was that after seeing so many, she would change her mind about the subject of abortion.  However, after watching an amazing 20 pro-life movies, she was still pro-abortion. The host then said to me, “What makes your pro-life movie different?”

It is a little awkward when I am asked that question, because I don’t want to put down the many wonderful movies that show the miracle of the baby in the womb, or the real horror of abortion.  So I explained that “180” changes minds because it disseminates information, and at the same time it addresses the human conscience.  It puts the viewer into a moral scenario so that they can empathize with human suffering, particularly with Jews who died in the Holocaust.  Then it swings to the subject of abortion and appeals to the same empathy.  What is actually coming into play is the human conscience. The conscience is the God-given moral judge that sits in the courtroom of the mind.  It intuitively knows that we should love our neighbor as ourselves and it is therefore wrong to commit murder, even if it is in the womb.

Pro-abortion people are committed to their convictions. They kill for the cause. But for those who are pro-life, the cause has to be a hill to die on. We must not, cannot, and will not let the slaughter continue.

There are two ways you can fight the holocaust of abortion. The first is by watching 180 Movie. You will see people get another perspective on abortion, and more than often those who watch it do a complete 180 themselves and become pro-life.  So, watch it.  Absorb it. Then please pass it on.

The second way to fight this evil is to learn how to present the principles used in 180 to change people’s minds--not only about abortion, but about the gospel. I produced the “180 Course” for that very purpose (with contributions by Kay Arthur and Randy Alcorn).  Now, anyone can learn these amazing life-saving principles through the course.  It doesn’t take any great skill or superior intelligence.  All it takes is a loving heart and a little study. You can find details about the course (and much more) at the Heart Changer web site.

Watch it NOW!

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