Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LiveActionNews: Planned Parenthood is targeting Black America. Sen. Mary Landrieu is helping them do it.

A great report from Adam Peters at LiveActionNews.com concerning Senator Mary Landrieu and her connections to the incredibly racist Planned Parenthood :  

Planned Parenthood is targeting Black America. Sen. Mary Landrieu is helping them do it

Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu is waging a tough fight in Louisiana’s senate race. That fight got tougher this month as Landrieu faced new criticism from State Sen. Elbert Guillory.
Guillroy, the first African-American to sit in the State Senate as a Republican in over a century, appeared in an ad that accused Landrieu of ignoring black voters. Guillroy alleged that Sen. Landrieu’s lack of concern for education and economic development has disproportionately harmed Louisiana’s African-American community, particularly its children. I can think of something else that Mary Landrieu has done to harm black children: throughout her career, she’s supported Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider.
For years, abortion and racism have gone hand-in-hand. Disgraced President Richard Nixon favored aborting mixed race children, stating that an abortion was needed “when you have a black and a white.” Nixon also pointed to abortion as a means “to control the negro bastards.” That may have been why federal funding of Planned Parenthood began under his administration, a move that the group’s CEO praised Nixon for in 2012.
Since 1973, over 14 million African-American children have been aborted. Helping that process along was the the decision by Planned Parenthood to locate many of it’s facilities close to minority neighborhoods. This is demonstrated through a map available atProtectingBlackLife.org showing data from the 2010 US census as well as the location of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. And as the following cases demonstrate, it’s not only unborn children who are at risk in some of these places
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