Thursday, April 3, 2014

Important Gosnell Movie Update - Support this Effort

Ann and Phelim Media posted an announcement 8 hours ago

Dear Supporter
This morning we broke $300,000 and the contributions keep coming!
We wouldn't have reached that without you. We are most grateful for your early support, you inspired others to join and help to make this movie happen.
Please keep coming back to this page to see how we are doing. You already made a huge difference, but here are more things you can do to make this campaign a success:
1) If you can, contribute again
2) Share the link to this page with friends and relatives:
3) Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter about the project
4) Contribute every week if possible, even a small amount will keep the momentum going
As you know, if we don't reach our budget of $2.1 in the next 40 days, all the money will be returned and America will never learn about horrific crimes of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.
Every day people come out in support of our project. Here is just a taste of the great things that have happened most recently:
  • Hugh Hewitt tweeted about us and called us in the morning and asked us to be on his show, we were on for 4 hours last night!
  • Kevin Sorbo, the star of the box office hit God's Not Dead tweeted this:
Kevin Sorbo @ksorbs  Pro-Life or Pro-Choice….doesn't matter with what this guy did. If you physically saw what he did to babies at...
Again, thank you so much for everything you've done so far.
With your help we can make it.
Please, if you can, donate every week, or as often as you can and please get others to help too. We can't do this without you. You can make a statement and tell Hollywood and the mainstream media if they won't report the news and make films about America's biggest killer, we can do it ourselves. We are doing it!
Thank you

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